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Making hyacinth napkin rings

hyacinth napkin ring One of the easiest ways to decorate a table in spring is to make simple napkin rings from hyacinth flowers.

Hyacinth last well out of water so you can use them a bit like beads and string them onto wire - or indeed mix them with beads.

In the past I have made very pretty light flowery headdresses for flower girls from cream hyacinth and pearls threaded onto silver wire.

To make the hyacinth napkin rings you need.

Fine floristry wire.

Hyacinth flowers


hyacinth napkin ring


Carefully snip off the hyacinth flowers from the main stem.

Measure how much wire you will need to go round your napkin - remember to add in a cm. at each end to twist together.

Divide the flowers you have between the number of rings you need to make sure they are even.

Thread the flowers onto the wire, starting at the stem and bringing the wire out through the flower - keep them in the middle part of the wire as that will be the bit that is on show.

Wrap around the napkin and carefully twist wire together at back to hold in place. You can either twist the wires together and tuck in or you can make the end of each wire into a hook and click together.

hyacinth napkin ringIf you have masses of hyacinths you can make runners to decorate the table or use them to twist around the stems of wine glasses.

Hyacinth flowers will last about 12 hours out of water before beginning to shrink - more if you keep them somewhere cool.

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