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Making a Knitted Soap Saver

knitting pattern for soap mitt

Like a lot of people I'm trying to cut down the amount of plastic bottles in my bathroom, returning to using soap.

But I've found that there are two downsides to using soap in the shower

First that it slips away, falls in the wet, gets soggy and slimy and small.

Second that the bar becomes difficult to use when it gets small (even when not slimy or soggy).

This pattern is for a knitted soap saver pouch - it is a great way to use up small bits of soap, the pouch can double as a mitt, and it also works to keep full sized bars out of the shower tray.

The pattern is very simple - and is suitable for people who haven't done that much knitting.


Cotton yarn - either dishcloth cotton or cotton DK.

Size 8 (US 6) needles

Needle to sew up sides.


Cast on 30 stitches

Row 1 - k1, p1 to end

Row 2 - p1 k1 to end

These should make a moss stitch (a textured checkerboard or alternating plain and purl stitches)

Continue until the piece measures 7cm

Eyelet row - k2 together, bring yarn to front, K2; k 2 together, bring yarn to front, K 2. The bits where you have the yarn going front to back will become the holes for the drawstring.

Repeat rows 1 and 2 for 6 more rows

Cast off

Make a chain stitch string using your fingers - it should be approximately 25 cm long.

Sew up the base and sides of pouch and thread drawstring. Knot it together and trim.

making a soap saving mitt knitting free pattern

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Filthy Soap Guy

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Rough and Tough

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