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Visible mending with Flora Collingwood-Norris

Flora Collingwood-Norris is a knitwear designer and maker based in Galashiels in the Scottish Borders. She's put together the following tutorial to show exactly how to make mending a decorative statement. You can find out more about Flora's work in my interview with her here.

Step One - Materials

  • 1 X holey piece of knitwear
  • Yarn in a similar weight and fibre to the knitwear, the closer the better.
  • 1 X tapestry needle (long eye and blunt point)
  • Scissors

Step Two

  • Work up and down your hole first to make secure any unravelling stitches. Use the sharp pointed needle.
  • Weave in and out of the fabric before and after the hole as many times as you like to reinforce the fabric and/or create a decorative feature.
  • Space the rows of stitching half a knitted stitch apart.
  • Be careful of your tension - the threads shouldn't pull on the fabric or become loopy.

Step Three

  • For a check pattern, change colours every few lines.

Step Four

  • Start at the side of your darn, at the bottom of the loose threads covering the hole and work your needle in and out of every alternate thread.

Step Five

  • On the next row, weave in and out of the alternate threads you missed out last time.

Step Six

  • As you weave your needle through the threads, push it down against the row before, to keep the darn compact.
  • Change colour when you feel like it!

Step Seven

  • To finish your ends, catch them in on the wrong side of the fabric - a few stitches in different directions will secure them. If you’re using something like cotton or silk rather than wool, add a few more.


Step Eight

  • Use plenty of steam (and make sure your iron is set to a suitable temperature), and lightly press down on the mend.

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Elena Convery

I love this. So useful to see reverse side also. I think I’ll be poking holes in things just to give it a go!🤪🤪