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Knit your own mug cosy

knit your own mug cosy pattern

This cute and cosy warmer for a mug is the perfect project for a beginner - there is no shaping and it is small enough to make without getting overwhelmed.

Obviously mugs differ in size so I am going to give the instructions for this one - but simply measure your knitting against your mug as you go.

You need

  • Double knitting yarn, I used cotton but other blends would work fine.
  • Knitting needles size 10 UK (3.25 mm, US 3)
  • Large button.


Cast on 13 stitches

k1, p1 to end of row.

Repeat for 5 rows and measure against the height of your mug - the width of the knitting should be approximately 1 cm smaller that the height of the mug. If it is too big unravel and cast on 11 stitches, if it is too small unravel and cast on 15 stitches.

Continue K1, P1 until the knitting will wrap right around the mug, meeting at the handle.

Cast off and leave a 50 cm length of yarn.

Sew the button to the starting end of the knitting, level with the centre of the handle and 1cm in from the edge.

Bring the long end of yarn up the the centre of the other end and make a button loop (I do this by twisting it until to becomes a rope cable and then securing in place, you can also do simple chain stitch).

We sell a kit containing everything you need to knit a cosy like the one in the photo - there are knitting card instructions, a mug, yarn, needles and a tweed button. It makes a great gift for a starter knitter.

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