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Making an honesty wreath

These simple textural wreaths are a great way of using honesty from your garden - they are slightly fiddly to make but worth the effort as they last years and years. The one in the photo has been hanging in my bathroom for 5 years.

You need:

  • Honesty seed heads - the wreath takes a lot of seed heads, you will need about 20 decent sized plants.
  • Copper wreath frame.
  • Fine florists wire.
  • Scissors

Step one

  • Strip the outer seed cases from your honesty and then cut it into smaller bunches of 2-3 seed heads per stem.

Step two

  • Use the fine wire to tie 3 or 4 stems together, placing the seedcases so that they form a natural looking bunch - leave about 10cm wire to attach the bunch to the frame.

Step three

  • Attach the bunches of honesty to the frame by wiring them to the inner circle of the frame - angle each bunch at about 45 degrees and use the next bunch to cover the stems. Work your way around the wreath frame until it is all covered.
  • Hang the frame somewhere and look at it from a distance - you can add in extra bunches of honesty at this point to fill holes or make it more even.
  • Add a hanging loop by twisting two bits of wire together and attaching it to the outer circle of the frame as a small circle.

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