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Jane’s Journal

Love Letters to the Land; Gartur Farm

This week I took part in the exhibition "Love Letters to the Land" at Fodder and Farm, Gartur Stitch Farm, Port of Menteith in the middle of Scotland.

I was showing with a couple of other artists whose work is inspired by the land - Eilidh Weir and Celia Ramon.

The exhibition was in an old barn - whitewashed walls with swallows swooping in though the large doors. I give a tour of my pieces in this video and Eilidh can be seen hanging hers in last week's blog post.

Hanging the Love Letters to the Land exhibition at Fodder and Farm

barn at Fodder and Farm

This week I have been hanging my embroideries in a white washed barn, as part of Forth Vallery Art Beat - an Open Studios trail. The barn is part of Gartur Stitch Farm near Port of Menteith in Scotland - an education led regenerative smallholding which is host to Fodder and Farm, an events company specialising in local food, making and community.

It all brought up a lot about whether I am an artist - self trained, working in textiles and with local materials . . . .

In this video I discuss all that and you can see us making decisions about what art works to put where - and get a close up of the amazing quilt making of Eilidh Weir of All that is Braw.