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Plant Dyes: Dried Sweet Cicely leaves

Plant Dyes: Dried Sweet Cicely leaves
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Plant Dyes: Dried Sweet Cicely leavesPlant Dyes: Dried Sweet Cicely leaves
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Sweet Cicely is an amazing dye plant, completely overlooked in most dye books.  It grows in shady damp areas and these leaves were all harvested from under the hedges in my dye garden. It gives a zingy greenish yellow on its own and a darker green with iron.

When using dried dye materials you need far less then you do with fresh leaves. Depending on the depth of colour you want, use from 5-10% the weight of fibres. To prepare the plant material for dyeing with put it in your dye pot and pour boiling water over it, exactly as if you were making tea, then let it steep for at least six hours, overnight is even better. Then proceed as though you had fresh material.

The leaves come in an airtight sealed Kraft pouch measuring 20 x 12 cm. This allows you to use only a few leaves at a time if you are dyeing small quantities like threads.

All dye packs come with full PDF instructions to allow you to get the best from them.

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