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Hammered Glass Bottles

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My favourite way of arranging flowers is in bottles and these heavy glass bottles with brass rings are perfect for a single stem. They come in two sizes and look wonderful on their own or mixed with other shapes and sizes of bottles on a windowsill or in front of a mirror.

The bottles are sourced from Nkuku and are hand made, the glass is hammed with traditional tools providing a subtle textured effect. The glass is skilfully blown through the brass rings creating the elegant shape.

Clear glass and antique brass

Available in two sizes

Medium 18 x 9 cm

Large 23 x 9 cm

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For a couple of weeks I’ve been testing out an alternative to kitchen towel - before that I hadn’t realised that, although most kitchen towel is biodegradable, it isn’t recyclable. ⠀
Most councils don’t want it in the food bins and they certainly don’t want it in the paper bins where it clogs the machines. This fact seems to have eluded me for a decade and I’m rather ashamed. ⠀
I’ve written a blog about my alternative, with a simple tutorial, which you can read by clicking through my profile. ⠀
What is the best eco thing you’ve done in your day to day life this year?
What are your plans for the weekend?  Mine were to be out in the garden, but I’m sitting in bed with a cat on my knee and a coffee by my side listening to the rain which is so heavy it sounds like a waterfall. ⠀
I’m currently changing my morning plans so I can stay right here. ⠀
This photo was taken in the productive garden a couple of days ago (when it was sunny). Looking through the 2 sweet pea tunnels and the espalier apples that divide them. Those allium have been flowering for 6 weeks now, this rain may finally finish them off. ⠀
In A Seasonal Way (my magazine/ecourse/community hybrid) I talk a lot about doing things now - bringing a little bit of those big future, unreachable goals into the here and now.⁠⠀
This airstream - with its wonky door and wobbly floor - will be my office studio one day, so that I can write looking out over the meadow, so that I can close the door and switch off more easily at night than I can with my work back in the house.⁠⠀
But while I'm saving up the cash for the repairs I can bring a little of that life into the every day of today.  This afternoon I took my book and my mug of tea and went to read on the airstream deck, looking out over the meadow, switching off.⁠⠀
What could you do this weekend that would bring a little bit of a future plan into today?
Sunflower Vanilla Ice.⁠⠀
The water nymph Clytie was in love with the sun god Apollo, but her love was unrequited.  She would sneak to the river bank and stand, following his blazing chariot with her eyes as it passed through the sky, refusing to return to the water.⁠⠀
She grew thin, her feet took root into the sand of the river bank, but still her head followed the passage of the sun god, as gradually she transformed into a sunflower, turning its flower head to track the sun.⁠⠀
There are many versions of the story of Clytie, some involve quarrelling with her sister, some being punished for breaking nymphean rules - all have her become a sunflower forever following the path of her beloved.⁠⠀
A tragic beginning for a beautiful flower.  The first kind of flower that most of us ever draw 🌻 #snapdragonlife
A few years ago I grew lots of dark, deep, sumptuous flowers - it was purely fashion, the way that seeing things repeatedly works its way into your brain so that you begin to order lots of seeds with 'night' and 'black' and 'midnight' in their names.⁠⠀
Navy, Burgundy, Royal Purple, I planted them all, thinking of a vibrant Persian carpet of plants, and then couldn't work out why my garden looked so blooming dull.⁠ ⁠⠀
It was the sunflowers that made me see the error of my ways - their deep burgundy petals sinking into the surrounding green, invisible at dusk.⁠ ⠀
Because everyone knows that sunflowers are meant to be yellow. ⁠⠀
These ones are Vanilla Ice - pinched out to flower at waist height with lots of soft yellow blooms, a lovely cheerful thicket in front of the sweet peas.⁠⠀
(I'm sure that many people will violently disagree with me, maybe it is the Scottish light . . . maybe it was my combinations or the lack of low sunshine through the main borders . . . but they never ever glowed from inside as I had hoped)
One of my aims in life is to encourage people to make things with their hands. 
Simple things, simple skills - I believe that it helps us connect something in our brain that consuming electronically never will. 
This eco-beauty knitting kit is back in stock (click through profile). Everything you need to make facecloths and makeup wipes and teach yourself to knit along the way. 
If you already have cottons and needles then there is a pattern for a more complicated face cloth back in my blogs (search the tag eco making!).
One of the things that I’m gradually getting better at is planting the plants that actually want to grow here, rather than cajoling along ones that really would prefer to be growing in the south. ⠀
The raised beds went into our productive garden in April - so really only a few months ago - and already it is full of blooms. All are hardy annuals, easy, beautiful, generous plants - sweet peas, calendula, ammi, cornflowers. ⠀
Sometimes people are snobby about them - because they are simple to grow I think. ⠀
I’ve written a blog post about how to keep them blooming all summer which you can get to via the link in my profile.
Did you see Gardeners World on Friday evening?  It was all about meadows - a whole hour of life affirming beauty, interesting people making a difference and encouragement to let the edges of your lawn grow wild. I loved it. 
One interesting thing was that there are seemingly 23 million gardens in the UK, many more than I had thought. So much potential. 
We are now planning to create a strip of annuals along the edge of the lawn, in front on the box hedge that bounds the productive garden. 
Anyway it inspired me to get out my old floristry things - these were the kinds of arrangements I did most when I arranged wedding flowers - lines of upright meadow flowers - though obviously they were in water (most often small plastic pots hid by mossy rocks or sods of long grass, high up on church windows.)
These particular flowers are now safely in bottles on my windowsill.

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