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50 cm x 45cm Bondaweb50 cm x 45cm BondawebOur price: £2.40Or just £1.25 for our members!ViewThis fusible paper backed adhesive sheet is useful for appliqué mending - you can iron it onto your fabric, cut out the design, peel off the paper back and then iron in place, before embroidering.A Seasonal Way 4; Autumn/Winter 22A Seasonal Way 4; Autumn/Winter 22Our price: £20.00Or just £15.00 for our members!ViewA Seasonal Way 4 - Beeswax pellets - 300g tubBeeswax pellets - 300g tubOur price: £9.00Or just £6.70 for our members!ViewThis finely pelleted beeswax is perfect for making candles, calendula balm and beeswax wrap kits - it is from well managed hives feeding on wildflowers.
Epsom Salts - 750gEpsom Salts - 750gOur price: £5.20Or just £3.95 for our members!View A Kraft card tub of Epsom salts - high in magnesium - great for a relaxing and detoxing bath.Natural Dye Supplies set - Double knittingNatural Dye Supplies set - Double knittingOur price: From £18.50Or just £12.95 for our members!ViewEARLY BIRD PRICING FINISHES ON SUNDAY 22ND JANUARYNatural Dye supplies set, Four plyNatural Dye supplies set, Four plyOur price: £18.50Or just £12.95 for our members!ViewThis set of six mini skeins, along with a suitable mordant and modifiers, labels and pH indicator strips, is perfect for experimenting with natural dyes. All you need to supply is the plants and a dash of vinegar.
Natural dyed threads - AvocadoNatural dyed threads - AvocadoOur price: £3.50Or just £2.20 for our members!View A selection of naturally dyed cotton threads in peachy pink tones.Natural Dyed threads - Onion and ironNatural Dyed threads - Onion and ironOur price: £3.50Or just £2.20 for our members!View These skeins of cotton threads are dyed with onion skins from the garden and then modified with iron.Plant dyed pincushionPlant dyed pincushionOur price: £35.00Or just £18.00 for our members!View These squishy little pincushions are one offs, each is slightly different.
Soy Wax pelletsSoy Wax pelletsOur price: £9.00Or just £6.70 for our members!ViewThis pack of 300g soy wax is ideal for making the tea light candles in The Studio Club (tutorial released 10th February).Tealight candle supplies - candle wicks and stickersTealight candle supplies - candle wicks and stickersOur price: £2.75Or just £1.75 for our members!View This starter set will allow you to make 10 tea lights - it is designed to go with the candle making class in The Studio Club which is released on 6th February.
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Pulmonaria “Blue ensign” was one of the first plants I bought for my garden. 

The perfect Bristol blue colour. Bright in the border, beloved of bees. 
Back then - over 25 years ago - it was a rarity, now you can get plug plants of it. 
Does that make it any less precious? 
Not to me.
Were you someone who read blogs ‘back in the day’? Back when they were ugly but with soul?  I’ve been thinking about them - and more particularly the blog rolls that connected them. Curated lists of recommendations, no algorithm, no payments, no angst ridden strategy. 

It occurred to me that I could create something similar by using a playlist on my tube channel - a vlogroll if you like. 

That’s what I’m chatting about this week in my Friday film - about how so many of the people my age making videos are talking about “what you shouldn’t wear after 50” or “how to avoid the appalling fate of looking frumpy” 😂😂😂 And how, as an antidote to all that depressing nonsense, I’m collecting suggestions for an alternative playlist!

Pop over and let me know your favourites. 

I’m also talking about why I’m not sowing any seeds until the end of March this year.
Stained glass colours on the studio windowsill
Another Friday . . . . another sitooterie selfie.
Today's Friday film is about which seeds I am planting in my new dye garden . . .
I dyed my beret to fit with some things I'm taking on holiday. It is an overdye with some onion skins that I had left over from a zoom workshop that I did in The Studio Club. I do love the sense of play that being able to cook up colours gives you.
If you fancy growing your own colour there is a free download of the varieties and suppliers over on the tube . . . .

#fridayfilm #botanicaldyes #dyegarden #snapdragonlife
The second spike is always the best.
Another Friday, another daft selfie. This week Teasel gets into the frame- there is a matching photo of Dixie but she looks frankly terrified. 
This week’s Friday film is about going ‘out out’ - there is a tour of @bettysbeautifullife wonderful exhibition of botanical printing that is on in Kirkintilloch at the moment, and a visit to my parents garden in East Lothian where they have a mimosa tree flowering . We went on a dog walk on Gullane beach and then I attempt to find signs of spring in my own garden (very few but lots of shots of snuffling dogs).

I also address the issue of the tank top I’m knitting being clearly much too small for me. 

All this in just over ten minutes- you can find the film via my links page and I’ll put a link in stories too.
In the spirit of copying to find out how to do something ….. this is the photo I took when I got home from last week’s workshop with @eva_nemeth 

The last photo of snowdrops for this year - laying them roots and all on an old flagstone and trying to work how to get the whites to pop without becoming brash.

And then I cut off the flowers to press for a project and planted the bulbs and leaves out under the hazel tree to bring cheer next spring.
It has been sunny all weekend. 
I weeded and hoed and cleared and felt myself opening up just like these bulbs that I photographed at @cambo_gardens last week.
The absolute joy of the first sunny weekend of the year.

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