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Beeswax - extra suppliesBeeswax - extra suppliesOur price: From £6.20Or just £3.10 for our members!ViewExtra beeswax for all your projects.Candle wicks and glue dotsCandle wicks and glue dotsOur price: £5.00Or just £2.50 for our members!View 6 pre waxed candle wicks 80mm and 6 glue dotsDried Calendula FlowersDried Calendula FlowersOur price: £3.10Or just £1.52 for our members!View 15g dried Calendula flowers for making calendula oil and balm.
French blue and white striped enamel jugFrench blue and white striped enamel jugOur price: £38.00Or just £20.00 for our members!ViewThis is perhaps my all-time favourite enamel jug - but I just don't use it much any more - that particular blue isn't anywhere in our house now, and I no longer arrange for other people's homes.Make your own candles kitMake your own candles kitOur price: £35.00Or just £25.00 for our members!ViewSnapdragon Life is all about helping people try new things and acquire new skills. We have put this kit together for anyone who would like to try their hand at making their own essential oil scented candles.Make your own flower pressMake your own flower pressOur price: £35.00Or just £25.00 for our members!View Make and decorate your own flower press with this unique kit which contains everything you need, along with simple instruction cards.
Nikawi Sharpening StoneNikawi Sharpening StoneOur price: £15.00Or just £10.20 for our members!ViewWhat can you say - it is a sharpening stone, a high quality sharpening stone, for using with water to get a sharp edge.Smoked Glass heavy vaseSmoked Glass heavy vaseOur price: £20.00Or just £12.00 for our members!View A practical everyday vase for larger arrangements - the kind that you can put a big bouquet in, or pick a great mixed bunch from the garden.Soy Wax suppliesSoy Wax suppliesOur price: £4.00Or just £2.00 for our members!View100% high quality soy wax pellets from sustainable US source.
Striped French Enamel JugStriped French Enamel JugOur price: £40.00Or just £22.00 for our members!ViewThis elegant vintage French enamel jug has sprayed vertical brown stripes and a smart brown handle. Studio box - Quarterly subscription boxStudio box - Quarterly subscription boxOur price: From £25.00Or just £18.00 for our members!ViewCreating these subscription boxes has become a real passion project for me - I believe that making things, being creative, being in tune with the seasons, are all so important in living the best lives possible.Snapdragon Studio Box is our quarterly subscription box - this is box 7 and it contains everything that you need to learn a new practical skill and make four projects. It dispatches in mid August and early pre-orders get an extra little gift in their box.Summer Dahlias Fabric by lengthSummer Dahlias Fabric by lengthOur price: £10.35Or just £5.16 for our members!ViewAn exclusive cotton poplin fabric with a dahlia design from Jane's watercolours.
Summer Thyme CandleSummer Thyme CandleOur price: £12.00Or just £6.13 for our members!ViewMy favourite summer herb is thyme - that warm relaxing scent that is so part of summer walks and weeding the herb patch and cooking. This candle is perfect for summer - either on a table outside for that lovely herby feel - or to banish cooking (or dog) smells indoors.Vintage Caravans Big Bone China MugVintage Caravans Big Bone China MugOur price: £15.00Or just £7.85 for our members!ViewI am a great fan of vintage caravans. I love the different shapes and the retro detailing.Waisted smoked glass vaseWaisted smoked glass vaseOur price: £8.00Or just £4.00 for our members!View This waisted vase - with its conical top - is really neat and allows you to make a display with only a few stems - unlike a lot of vases it holds the stems securely so they don't fall over.
White curvy jug - Johnson BrothersWhite curvy jug - Johnson BrothersOur price: £27.00Or just £18.00 for our members!View The shape of this jug is absolutely beautiful - the billowing curve just perfect to set off any generous bunches of flowers - roses, sunflowers, dahlias.
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