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Add a ceramic bowlAdd a ceramic bowlOur price: £8.00Or just £4.00 for our members!ViewWe strongly suggest using this ceramic bowl in the base as the fabric is water resistant, not water proof and may lea. Add a flat coasterAdd a flat coasterOur price: £3.00Or just £1.70 for our members!View A plain flat coaster for use to protect furniture under plant pots. Add a Medium Gift BoxAdd a Medium Gift BoxOur price: £7.25Or just £3.58 for our members!ViewAdd a wire stitched card gift box and ribbon to your order, hand-made in Yorkshire.
Add a Milk Hot Chocolate SpoonAdd a Milk Hot Chocolate SpoonOur price: £2.50Or just £1.80 for our members!ViewThese luscious milk hot chocolate spoons are made by Cocoa Loco from silky smooth milk chocolate using the finest single origin beans in the Dominican Republic. This handmade chocolate is vegan, fair-trade certified, palm oil free and organic too, making the perfect gift for any chocolate lover.Add a pencil setAdd a pencil setOur price: £5.00Or just £2.98 for our members!ViewThese little packs of stationery are a perfect addition to a pencil case or tin.Add a plantAdd a plantOur price: £4.00Or just £1.62 for our members!ViewYou can add in a plant to your gift for a small extra cost. These plants fit our plant pots perfectly and make a great extra for your gift.
Add Gardener's care packAdd Gardener's care packOur price: £23.00Or just £13.28 for our members!ViewWe have added some helpful things to recover from a hard day in the garden from Nutscene - a wooden twin sided nail brush, scrub soap, lip rescue, and a muscle and joint cream.Box for mirror/bottle openerBox for mirror/bottle openerOur price: £1.50Or just £0.75 for our members!View This cardboard gift box is the perfect way to gift any of our mirrors or bottle openers. The mirror will be packaged in it complete with tissue paper and ribbon as shown. Children's Garden Tools SetChildren's Garden Tools SetOur price: £5.95Or just £2.90 for our members!ViewGarden fork, spade and trowel three piece tools set
Gift WrappingGift WrappingOur price: £3.95Or just £0.00 for our members!ViewWe can either wrap your order for you or simply send you the gift wrapping sheets - if you are wanting us to wrap specific items from your order in certain patterns please let us know what you would like! Hand drawn cardHand drawn cardOur price: £7.00Or just £2.00 for our members!View Add in a hand illustrated gift card to your order.Mad Hens CoasterMad Hens CoasterOur price: From £7.00Or just £3.42 for our members!ViewThese ceramic coasters - available individually or in sets of 4 or 6 - are perfect for the mad hens in your life.
Mini copper toolsMini copper toolsOur price: £8.40Or just £4.85 for our members!ViewThese cute little copper garden tools are just the right size for windowsill gardening or for tending alpine plants or window boxes.Perkulatte CoffeePerkulatte CoffeeOur price: From £3.40Or just £2.70 for our members!ViewColombian Inza Cafetiere Grind supplied to us direct from Perkulatte.Scented Candle in TinScented Candle in TinOur price: £4.95Or just £3.62 for our members!View The Melt Pool supply us with scented candles that are handmade with soy wax, the purest essential oils and lots of love - no additives, artificial fragrances, dyes or other nasties. These candles are perfect for taking with you on your travels or for using in the bathroom without the worry of breaking glass. The wax is hand poured into silver cans with solid lids.
Thinking of you Gift postcardThinking of you Gift postcardOur price: £0.95Or just £0.00 for our members!View Add in a gift postcard to your order to let someone know that you are thinking of them.Three Cup CafetiereThree Cup CafetiereOur price: £10.00Or just £7.20 for our members!ViewHeat resistant glass beakerTin of Thom & Tea TeabagsTin of Thom & Tea TeabagsOur price: From £6.95Or just £5.30 for our members!ViewThom & Tea high grade Scottish Breakfast Tea or Peppermint, available in either tea caddies containing 15 premium pyramid teabags or a travel tin containing 6 premium pyramid teabags.
You are lovely Gift postcardYou are lovely Gift postcardOur price: £0.95Or just £0.00 for our members!ViewA gift postcard to include with your order.
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Before we came away I wrote a blog post about how I got stuck in a loop designing the garden. 
A loop of wanting it to be meaningful and clever, to be original, to make use of all my research into the kinds of prairie plants that survive in our climate. 
It meant that we were several years without a garden - looking out onto a rubble or black landscape fabric and weeds- until I realised that what I like about gardening is the doing, the pottering, the seeing things grow and harvesting them. 
I don’t actually like having a garden just to look at. 
The blog post is now up on the website - and I think the lessons learned probably stretch a lot further than gardening. You can read it by clicking through my bio. 
I would love to know if anything similar has ever happened to you.
Venice is all about light. ⠀
It hasn’t exactly been the best weather while we have been here - a lot of the days have been wet, mainly showery, grey, at times torrential. ⠀
Everyone says that it is the worst May weather that they can remember. ⠀
But the light. ⠀
Somehow it glows through - a mother of pearl sheen behind the clouds, a soft benediction - and makes every corner you turn into a masterpiece. ⠀
Today we head to Verona for the day and are promised sunshine - but I honestly don’t believe that Venice could have been any more beautiful in the sun. ⠀
How much do you want to know about small business owners?⠀
It is something that I ponder about a lot. It’s a balance between oversharing and ‘just’ being a business on here. This Instagram account is officially a business one but there always seems to be a lot of me in it. ⠀
There is also the effect on the actual business to think about. For I am not the whole of Snapdragon. ⠀
For example - at the moment I’m on holiday for a few days, yesterday’s post made that clear and my Insta stories have been given over to Venetian scenes all weekend. ⠀
But the business continues as normal - this embroidered herb cushion went into the shop, Valerie is packing up the final boxes of this quarter’s Studio Box subscription, Fiona is making and dispatching orders. ⠀
When I went to Myanmar in February business went dead - with more orders and emails in the 24 hours after I got home than in the 3 weeks I was away. It is something I need to address. ⠀
So do you like to see what business owners/makers/designers/writers get up to in their time off? Or would you prefer social media was temporarily abandoned or handed onto someone back at base? ⠀
(As an aside this isn’t about working on holiday -as most business owners will recognise the integrated nature of a small business life means that stress doesn’t come from posting a photo with a coffee in the morning or making notes of a new idea or taking the time to read a great business book)
Today it is my 50th birthday. ⠀
I’m celebrating it in Venice, feeling happy, loved, incredibly lucky and very, very much looking forward to whatever the next decades bring. ⠀
Euan took this photo on the water bus  yesterday headed out to Torcello for lunch. ⠀
It is a portrait of a woman anticipating good things. ⠀
What flowers have you seen bees on this year?⠀
🐝 ⠀
I spent half an hour a couple of days ago sitting watching bees work themselves around the cirsiums - this is one of the first non bulb perennials to flower in our garden so particularly precious for insects⠀
🐝 ⠀
There were also masses working in the wallflowers next to it - and in the broccoli that we left to flower. ⠀
🐝 ⠀
Next year we will hopefully be getting a couple of hives to put down in under the apple trees behind the cabin - a beautifully sheltered spot. ⠀
🐝 ⠀
I grew up with hives - taking them up to the heather in the car - and now that I don’t need to protect a crop of flowers from pollination (for once a flower is fertilised it fades so can’t be sold), we are finally able to get our own. ⠀
I have 4 of these cloches. They were originally from the show stand that I made for the Country Living Fair In Glasgow in 2005. ⠀
The event that really started my business in many ways and certainly changed the way I thought about what I’m capable of. ⠀
The event that taught me that being small is an advantage, not a handicap. ⠀
Now they are covered in moss- an effect that would have looked amazing on that original stand. ⠀
It looks like another beautiful sunshiney day out there. I am getting ready to write my Friday newsletter which is all about designing the garden and not being too pretentious. X. If you aren’t on my list already you can sign up via my bio.
What do you take with you to pass the time on journeys?

I’m travelling a bit over the next few days so have been packing my handbag with things to do- knitting, kindle, phone, headphones, purse. 
What would be in yours?
”When the gorse is out of flower, kissing‘s out of fashion”

There are always a few flowers on the gorse, bright against the grey - but now is peak yellow in the hills. 
It is a plant that fascinates me. So prickly, so dense and yet its history is so domestic. 
The wood of choice for bakers’ ovens as it burns hot without making much ash. 
Planted next to Scotland’s West Coast crofts for drying linen - the barbs holding the sheets better than a washing line in the gales. 
And then there is the smell - which genetically I cannot discern - but which I am told is pure pina colada.

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