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Tour of the Studio and Meadow

evening in the studio

About ten or twelve years ago, when the airstream became too small for the business, I had a wooden workshop built between the flower field and the slope down into the wood.

Out of sight of the road, a secret business almost and we grew to the point where there were six staff. On our busiest day we sent out 800 orders, in all we must have done 150,000 plus wholesale and corporate. There were a lot of mail sacks wheeled up the path.

Over the past year I have reclaimed the space - gradually moving out stock and unneeded supplies, giving them away to charities and people who could use them for good things.

Turning it from workshop into artist's studio. A space of inspiration and making, for writing and sewing, drawing and filming, teaching and creating beauty from flowers and plants.

Surrounding it all is the Studio meadow - a perennial meadow that is lightly gardened, something that began as a desperate experiment and has evolved into the most beautiful part of the garden.

This is a short video of both studio and meadow - it also features Dixie who couldn't work out why it was taking so long to lock up and go up to the house.

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