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The new meadow - garden transformation June

New meadow 1

When we extended the workshop last year we also re-routed the path to make it easier to pull trolleys of mail sacks up to the cars. This created a steep bank of spoil between the airstream and the workshop.

New meadow 2

We weedkilled all the couch grass, docks and thistles and began to plant excess perennials from the old cutting garden into it, sowing the areas in between with a wild flower mix for damp soil.

New meadow 2

For the past 2 months it has looked terrible - scratchy, scurfy little seedlings coming through the mud and I have been itching to hoe it and tidy it all up.

Then suddenly those little seedlings began to bloom.

They filled up the spaces between the perennials, adding a pink and purple haze that is buzzing with bees in this sunshine.

I finally got in to weed - pulling out ragwort that is certainly not meant to be there - and I am amazed to see up close all the plants perched tight, ready to flower - poached egg plant, poppies, yellow rattle . . . . .

I can't wait to see how it develops - which perennials survive the competition, how much wildlife it attracts.

It feels like a grand adventure.

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Karen in Devon

Love your new meadow. Did you have to add the yellow rattle or was it laying dormant in the soil?

Jane Lindsey

Hi Karen - I sowed the yellow rattle - about 30% of the seed mix we sowed was yellow rattle as the grass has the potential to be over dominant. I bought it from Wallis seeds.