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The herbarium project

botanical eco prints on studio wall, snapdragon life

I grew up in vintage shops and auction houses.  My Mum had first a market stall and then an antique shop in Gullane in East Lothian (my brother owns it now).  I love nothing better than a good rummage, sifting out treasure.  

I mourn the demise of the guddle that was the country house sale in the 1980s, poking round garden sheds and kitchen cabinets, the tension of the bidding, the blackened hands through wrapping everything we bought in newspaper.


Earlier this year, in a little vintage book shop I came across a pile of herbariums - each a black covered folio, ribbon ties revealing ironing pages of pressed plants, all carefully labelled.


I fell in love.  They dated from the 1930s and 40s and you can see the techniques change.  I had a little birthday money so I chose one and brought it back to the Studio where it has been inspiring me ever since.


Here is a short video which shows how I've taken the spirit of the herbariums and translated them into my botanical printmaking.




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Kate Bath

I love this and what a special thing to spend your birthday money on. I have my Nans pressed flower collection that she did as a child for a school competition (and won!) in 1936. I will try and upload some photos for you. She pressed 136 varieties, I’m hoping to try and create something similar with my children of the flowers and plants on and around our smallholding.