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Snapdragon's meadow in August -

making a meadow

Between the airstream caravan and the workshop is a slope of spoil that was left when the workshop extension was built last year.

It was planted up with spare perennials when the cutting garden was cleared and over sown with a meadow mix.

It has been the best thing in the garden since May. You can see how it looked in June in this post.

making a meadow

Now the blues and purples have given way to bright yellows and oranges with a haze of fennel and teasels swaying in the breeze.

making a meadow

The much more grassy meadow around the workshop has always inspired my embroideries - hogweed and poppies with teasels and oxeeye daisies and it has been wonderful to walk past this tapestry of flowers several times a day over the summer - I can't wait to see how it slides into an autumn of seedheads.

Already it is a flutter of feeding birds when I come down to the workshop first thing.

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heather aka niftyknits

beautiful! we've just bought a place with a very neglected overgrown garden, I have plans for a wild area (though some would say the whole thing is wild right now!) need to get rid of several skips of dead trees and brambles first. I read back to your earlier post - it must have been REALLY hard waiting for the seedlings to do their thing.