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orange tulip

Last week, clearing out some old issues of Gardens Illustrated I came across a photo by Isabel Bannerman of a parrot tulip taken on a scanner.

It looked like it was fairly simple - and the ideal thing to try with our large gift boxes - so I decided to have a go.

First I picked some gorgeous orange parrot tulips and placed them onto the glass of our office scanner (this is an Epson Workforce printer - cheap as chips)

orange tulip

Then I put our largest size gift box over it (to be honest any box that doesn't let light in would work but it helps if it is the same size as the scanner bed)

orange tulip

Then I hit scan.

And the photo at the top was the result - I cropped out the edges but that is all.

orange tulip

So now, of course, I want to have a go at scanning everything.

My youngest daughter suggested that the cat might be up for it as it involves being in a box (this is a joke - please don't report me for animal cruelty)


It turns out that this is a well established photographic technique that had passed me by - you can check out this article if you want to have a go at anything more complicated.

Isabel Bannerman's amazing photographs are on show here till the end of the month

I would love to see your results.

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Definitely going to try this!

Snapdragon Jane

I am looking forward to the alliums being out now Catherine - I think they will look amazing.

Jenny Dealtry

Although I'm not a creative person, I'm going to try this - right now!! Thanks for sharing this.


This is so clever. Stunning results.

Snapdragon Jane

Jenny - I'm so glad - I hope you love the results;
So simple and so stunning - and something that you can be creative with;
Cheers, Jane


I hadn't thought of this in ages....years ago we had tried it in my studio and even did some paper products with them. Thank you for the reminder! And yes, amazing images can come out of this...