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Romantic table flowers

This is a brilliant way to jazz up a plain glass or jar to make a gorgeous romantic flower arrangement for an outdoor party. They look amazing lined up along the centre of a table or with nightlights dotted between them.

making a table centre

You need -

Waterproof blu-tack (or double sided sticky tape at a push)

A glass or jar


Broad pretty leaves - I used a hosta

making a table centre

Cut a strip of waterproof blu tak in half lengthwise and wrap around the top and bottom of your glass.

making a table centre

Stick your leaves to the blu tak so that they cover the glass - squash them into it so that they are firmly anchored.

making a table centre

Carefully cut the stems so that they are flush with the bottom of the glass.

making a table centre

Fill with flowers cut short so that they balance on the lip of the leaves - the effect should be natural and not too symetrical.

I find that the hosta leaves will last a couple of days out of water - if you need the to stay perky for longer stand the arrangement on a saucer of water

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