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Radicchio and hazelnut pesto

radicchio and hazelnut pesto

A perfectly seasonal recipe for November.

Endives, chicories and radicchio are all at their peak as we move from Autumn to Winter - their bitterness offset here with the creamy sweetness of fresh hazelnuts and the sharpness of new season lemons.

You can use the pesto as a pasta sauce or dilute it a little bit and add as a dressing for a plate of beans.



  • Half a radicchio head (or the discarded leaves from making a salad) chopped
  • 80 g hazelnuts
  • Olive oil - about 100 ml
  • Juice of a lemon (if making the bean salad zest the lemon and use to scatter over the top of the salad)
  • Salt to taste

To make pesto put the radicchio leaves and hazelnuts in a food processor and pulse to combine well.

Carefully add in the lemon juice, pulsing and then put motor on and slowly add in olive oil until it becomes the right consistency, something quite thick that you can spoon into a jar.

This can be stored in a sterilised jar in the fridge for a couple of weeks.

Spread it on sandwiches, mix into pasta. It also adds a lovely earthy, slightly smoky base to soups, just stir in at the end.

Bean salad

  • Radicchio pesto - 1 tablespoon
  • Canellini beans (2 tins or cooked from scratch)
  • Juice and zest of an organic lemon
  • Olive oil, about 3 tablespoons
  • Handful of finely chopped hazelnuts


Mix the pesto, lemon juice and oil together to a salad dressing consistency.

Warm beans, drain and then pour over the dressing, letting it soak in as the beans cool.

Sprinkle with lemon zest and hazelnuts.

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Andrea Thomas on November 12 2021 at 15:43

Jane, thank you for the link. I luv pesto's but never thot of using Radicchio. It's always been basil with other nuts. friends here who find pine nuts horribly expensive use walnuts, so i figure any nut will to go find the radicchio as my organic veg box i think is finished with it.....

SnapdragonJane on November 22 2021 at 16:22

In reply to Andrea Thomas
I think that there are lots of nuts that can be used - I particularly like hazelnuts at this time of year because we have them in the garden (the only nut we can grow and I have to race the mice for them). Walnuts and kale make a very good pesto too; J x

Andrea Thomas on November 26 2021 at 07:02

In reply to SnapdragonJane
Made it exactly the same as i too love hazelnuts altho not fortunate enough to even know where there is a tree here. Had it twice. Will definitely do it again changing the nut and will try the kale as well. Again thank you.

Snapdragon social

My Friday letter today is about trying to balance gardening and guardianship here - and about why I registered the land here as an ARK (Acts of Restorative Kindness) as a formal commitment.⁠⁠
It is also about why I need the kitchen garden and community garden as an outlet for my obsessive growing of seedlings . . . .⁠⁠
Smoking chimney and fireweed with a halo of haws - November studio.⁠⁠
Teasel is the boss of the house. ⁠⁠
I said that I was looking for a scruffy, badly behaved, short legged dog, and that is exactly what I found.⁠⁠
He stamps in temper when I won't let him do whatever it is he has been stopped from doing.  He runs around manically, he torments poor patient Dixie until she plays and then, exhausted, he crawls up onto my knee for a cuddle and that wonderful soft puppy shudder of contentment.⁠⁠
Off to the vet for jags today.

#yorkshireterriersofinstagram #yorkielove #yorkshireterrier #yorkshireterrierpuppy #takeyourdogtowork #studiodog #puppylove
It has been weirdly warm.⁠⁠
Poppies and cornflowers are trying to bloom raggedly in the meadow and outside our bedroom window this rose has come to life again with heavy perfumed flowers.⁠⁠
They seem smaller and deeper in colour than they were in June.⁠⁠
Is anyone else finding unseasonal blooms at the moment?

#wildforflowers #awhisperedbeauty #cornersofmyworld #lifelivedbeautifully #raw_flowers #livesimple #simpleandstill #shared-joy #atmine #myeverydaymagic #slowfloralstyle #seekmoments #cornersofmygarden
One of things I chatted with @eva_nemeth about in Yorkshire a few weeks ago was mess and light.⁠⁠
I said that I wanted to be able to show beauty without worrying about tidying up around it. Life is messy, time is short . . . .⁠⁠
Eva said that all I needed to do was look for the light and the mess would be transformed.⁠⁠
She was right, this was the kitchen a couple of mornings ago, coffee on the stove, light hitting the washing up and defrosting milk.⁠⁠
Everyday beauty.

#howihueit #simpleandstill #capturequiet #beautyyouseek #calm_collected #aseasonalway #aseasonalshift #mystoryoflight #cornersofmyworld #slowlived #slowandsimpledays #quietchaotics #ihaveathingwithwindows #ofsimplethings #beautyinsimplicity #mystoryofautumn #slowfloralstyle #everydaybeauty #nestandflourish #livethelittlethings #thehappynow  #cornersofmyhome #aseasonalway #slowlivingforlife
Next year the vegetable garden will be free of hens - I'm determined of that because it is a complete waste of time to grow things when they break in and eat it all - but I think that this winter I shall let them wander.  I'm reframing it as slug patrol and fertilising.⁠⁠
Though I shall harvest all the remaining sprouts first as, from the shredded state of some plants, they seem to be a favourite.

#myquietbeauty_autumn #upandautumn #simpleandseasonal #natureandnourish #shiftingseasons #quietinthewild #simplejoys #aseasonalway #snapdragonlife #calmversation #rurallifestrong #simplethings #growyourown #growyourownflowers #aseasonalshift #bantamsofinstagram #vegetablegarden
A couple of weeks ago I tried, and failed, to convince a friend that dahlias are often at their best when part frosted and on the way out.⁠⁠
They stand bedraggled and desaturated, capturing perfectly that slightly melancholy mood of autumn.⁠⁠
This year I have seen people who have previously loved autumn best, talking about how difficult they are finding it this year. ⁠⁠
I think it may be that we are not in the mood for more melancholy. It is difficult to embrace the cosy slide into darkness when, for many, there hasn't been much light.

I know that I’ve been choosing more upbeat music to keep me company in the Studio. Steering away from the heartbreak and sadness. Seeking the light. 

#myquietbeauty_autumn #upandautumn #simpleandseasonal #natureandnourish #shiftingseasons #quietinthewild #simplejoys #aseasonalway #snapdragonlife #calmversation #rurallifestrong #simplethings  #aseasonalshift #flowersandotherstories #scotlandsgardens #simplethingsmadebeautiful #daysofsmallthings
Planting tulips in the vegetable garden - 12 of each in close rows so that I don’t feel guilty about picking them - and discovering that Yorkshire terriers come pre-programmed to dig. 

#yorkshireterrier #yorkie #yorkshireterriersofinstagram #yorkshireterrierpuppy
The hornbeam arch that leads through to the vegetable garden is always a thing of two halves. 

At this time of year half is bright autumn leaves, half bare imploring branches. 

Spent vegetables and fallen leaves, hens and hazel supports. 

November garden. It’s where you will find me today. 

#slowlived #hashtagauthentic #aseasonalway #gatherandcurate #mygarden #kitchengarden #distractionsandinspirations #stillswithstories #calmversation #novembergarden #cherishandrelish #aquietstyle #growyourown #searchwondercollect #alliseeispretty #seekinspirecreate #ofsimplethings #natureandnourish #myalmanacmoment

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