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Mindful sewing project - Patchwork Christmas stocking pattern

DIY Christmas stocking pattern UK

A few years ago I used to put together seasonal subscription craft boxes. They were slightly quirky, full of vintage supplies and things that you couldn't really get in the shops. I loved designing them, searching out the bits and pieces and putting them together.

But the actual packing up the kits involved long, long hours and doing it on my own took a whole week.

Then hefty increases in postal prices eventually made them uneconomic to produce . . . .


One of the most popular kits, and certainly the first to sell out, was a mindfully sewn patchwork Christmas stocking. Made from scraps of old recycled fabrics, vintage trimmings and designed so that every one was different - I loved seeing how people put them together.


One woman made one for each of her grandchildren from old treasured clothes - and that idea of them becoming cherished heirlooms, brought out each Christmas . . . well it made me well up a little. Someone else made crazy patchwork Christmas stockings for her dogs.

When I decided to create some digital patterns the stocking sewing pattern seemed a great place to start.

Partly because we are heading into that time of year when a little bit of gentle mindful sewing is such an appealing way to finish off the day.

Partly because it is actually a very simple thing to make. Many people who made the stocking with the kit had no prior experience of embroidery, and yet their finished stockings were really impressive.

stocking sewing pattern



So I reworked the pattern and instructions so that you can make it from any fabrics that you have, whether they are worn out clothes or precious scraps in a stash.

A memory stocking of sorts I suppose.

I've also included some PDF tutorials that take you step by step through all the stitches that you might like to use, and added in a bonus heart embroidery lesson.

You can buy the PDF Christmas stocking pattern here

I just love the idea of personalised Christmas decorations - things that are meaningful, that are cherished, looked after and brought out every year. For me the idea of is worth so much more than new blingy Christmas themes.

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