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Making Simple Festive Table Decorations

make a Christmas table centre

Making these simple covered jars is very easy - and they look great at any time of the year. I used to make them for weddings, covering jam jars with twigs to give a pretty rustic look without spending a lot of cash - some would be filled with flowers, some with a floating candle or tea light.

You need

  • Jam jar
  • Waterproof blutac
  • Cinnamon sticks
  • Ribbon

what you need


Measure a piece of waterproof blutac to go round the jar and cut it in half along the length so that you have 2 strips.

Put thees around the jar and squish well.

put on blutac

Cut or snap your cinnamon sticks to length - uneven heights look great so don't worry if they aren't exact.

Carefully squish them into the waterproof blutac - keep the bottom of the sticks level by putting the jar on a table to check.

put cinnamon sticks onto jar

Work your way right round the jar

Then cut the ribbon long enough to wrap around the cinnamon sticks and tie into a bow. You can also wrap twine round and round for a more rustic look.

put ribbon round jar

Ring the changes with birch or dogwood twigs and add flowers.

birch twig table centre

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