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Making calendula oil

Calendula infused oil is a great thing to have about - as well as being the basis for balms and salves it can be used as a bath oil, a massage oil or facial oil.

You need:

  • Petals from 4 calendula flowers (fresh or dry)
  • Oil - rapeseed, almond, your choice!
  • Wide necked jar
  • Square of muslin
  • Elastic band


Put calendula petals in jar and cover with oil.

Stir well to get air bubbles out.

Cover with muslin and secure with elastic band. Put on sunny windowsill. Leave for 4-6 weeks, shaking gently every day or so and making sure petals remain under the oil.

Use muslin to strain the petals out of the oil - then secure petal filled muslin with elastic band and use in your bath.

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