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Make a knitted loop scarf from your stash

free knitting pattern striped loop scarf

This year I am intending to be much more intentional about my winter wardrobe.

Last year, despite the fact that I was often layered up to the point of immobility, I kept getting cold in The Studio where the only heat is a small wood burner. It was rather miserable and I ended up working in the house a lot of the time. I think that the problem was that I simply didn't have enough really cosy clothes and that once I was cold it was really difficult to get warm again.

So this year I am building up a good pile of woolly socks, mitts, hats and scarves.

This is my favourite kind of scarf - a soft mobius loop that twists in two and stays on. No trailing ends, no falling off into the dye pot. I used scraps from my stash - it is a very flexible pattern so you can tailor it to what you have.

If you would like the pattern you can get the download here

get your free stripy scarf pattern

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