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June in Snapdragon's Garden

Front garden in June Snapdragon

This month, as I wait for a good time to weedkill the new beds in the back garden - I am keeping my eyes firmly fixed on the front garden.

This little border runs from the drive to the front door - this photo was taken from the hall.

Last year I dug out the turf and planted an apple tree, a box hedge and some perennials. This year I moved lots of the perennials from the back gardens into it.

Front garden in June Snapdragon

It is the most sheltered space in the whole garden - surrounded on 3 sides by beech hedges and backing upwards from the path so that frost rolls from it.

I wanted it to be a haven for insects, away from the winds that buffet the rest of the garden, and chose a colour scheme of pinks and purples with splashes of tomato soup orange to pep it all up.

Front garden in June Snapdragon

At the moment it is a wonderful cottage garden muddle, full of scabious and peonies, roses and alliums - all backed by a wall of 8 feet tall delphiniums

Front garden in June Snapdragon

With this spell of warm sunny weather you can hear the noise of the bees from inside the house!

Front garden in June Snapdragon

It is a good job that I have somewhere else to look while I pluck up the courage to kill off the remaining plants (and weeds) in the back garden and then to cover it all for a season or two.

Wish me luck . . . .

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Jane your cottage garden is so lovely and vibrant, I am very jealous of your delphiniums, just a beautiful colour. Perhaps you could save seeds from them, and then sell them to all who look at your website.
My cottage garden is now going over, am awaiting the clematis to open up, hopefully it should produce a beautiful purple colour, as it is a Jack-mania clematis, and the flowers are as big as saucers or side-plates. will try and get a photo on this site if thats OK. Keep up the good work. Love Julie xx