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Jane's house is in 25 Beautiful Homes magazine this month!

25 beautiful homes magazine

A while ago the photographer Polly Eltes came to take photos of my home and the article is in this month's 25 Beautiful Homes magazine.

It is a lovely article because, though there was a lot of tidying (the house has never been as tidy before or after) they didn't try and play down what we have tried to do in creating our home.

There was no attempt to make it more chi-chi or glossy, the art propped about is mainly by my daughters, the furniture is mismatched but carefully chosen, everything means something to us.

25 beautiful homes

It matters much more to me that our home feels welcoming, that it is a place where children and animals can run about without messing it up, than that it is perfect or up to the minute.

25 beautiful homes

Which is probably just as well as I am neither neat nor fashionable.

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Melissa Holmes (HolmesMadePaperc

Your home is so beautiful Jane! I remember admiring it a while back when it was covered in the press... So full of character and not pretentious in anyway; just simple, practical, effortlessly stylish... I have major home envy!!


I love that you have the vision to turn a building into the beautiful home that you wanted. The ideal of taking what essential is a shell and creating a space that you love really appeals to me. I have no doubt that should you have wanted a striking modernistic, minimal palace, you would have achieved that too. I for one will take inspiration from what you've achieved.