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How to transform the way you plan out your time

plan your life in four easy steps

Do you ever feel a little bit overwhelmed with your life? As though somehow you never quite manage to get around to doing the things that you plan to? As though time whizzes past and you simply don't get to do things that fill you up?

About seven years ago I found that that had happened to me. I was constantly busy, always feeling stressed by my to do list, and yet I wasn't getting around to the things that I said I wanted to do.

I stopped, took stock and developed a completely new way of managing my time. It was about connecting into my intuition and becoming intentional, above all it was about putting myself first, rekindling my vitality with things that made me shine.

I call this process 'A Wilder Way' - because it is rooted in connection with ourselves, our internet knowledge, and also with the natural world.

I talk about how I use the simple four step process here.

And if you want to sign up to my free four day mini course - which comes straight into your inbox - you can get that here.

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