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How to store seeds

storing seeds for successional plantingI am a naturally disorganised person.

If I don't want my life to descend into chaos I need to have a whole load of hacks to make it easier to be organised than disorganised.

About 10 years ago I heard Sarah Raven talk about how she had been taught to organise her seed packets, especially those for successional planting.

She had a shoebox and some card dividers - one for each month March - October.

At the beginning of the gardening year all the seeds went into the box behind their first sowing date - mainly March and April.

Then, and this is the clever bit, once she had sown her first crop she would put what remained of the packet back into the box but into the space for the month when she next intended sowing them.

Like most successful life hacks it is simple and effective. It is as easy to put the seeds back in the box behind the monthly card divider as in a messy jumble.

This week I sorted out a new seed packet storage box for myself. Because I am concentrating on my poly tunnel and the new cutting garden this year I have a lot of packets of seeds to manage.

I was looking around for a suitable sized box and realised that the stitched card archive box that we use for our medium gift sets was exactly the right size.

I'm particularly delighted to find a new, innovative and practical use for the boxes because they are made to last.

We intend that people re-use all our packaging, rather than throw it out, and have deliberately designed it to be high quality and long lasting.

I made some folded paper dividers and wrote the months when I shall be sowing seeds on them (there are no winter months in my box).

One of the challenges I face every year is that I am desperate to start sowing my seeds far too early. It is always a bad idea, I end up nursing sad and lanky seedlings which never recover properly.

Now, by putting everything in March and April as a first sowing I can avoid that too.

Templates for the monthly dividers will be available for members of Snapdragon Studio.

storing seeds for successional planting

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