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Drawing a Christmas wreath

draw a gold wreath

I love those little creative projects that you can start and finish quickly, that make you smile, that show you care.

Hand decorated place mats are one of those things - they make the festive table look as though you have made a great effort, yet they are easy, relaxing, inexpensive.

Here I show you how to draw a simple Christmas wreath on a place mat. I draw it with gold pen on a blackboard effect place mat but there is no reason that you can't do it with black or any other colour on white.

The technique is really simple and older children (from 6 upwards) often take to it really well and enjoy decorating the table.

You need.

Paper (I use blackboard effect place mats from Newton and the Apple).

Pen (I use Sakura Gelly Roll metallic pens)

A plate or something to draw around - it should be smaller than you think - saucer sized for a dinner plate sized wreath.

A pencil to draw the circle.


Practise drawing the 3 types of plants used in the ring - or decide on your own.

Until you are happy to put them together. Then watch the video and have a go.

Don't worry if it looks wonky half way round - that always happens - by the time it is finished it will look beautiful (and circular!).

Here is a video of me drawing a ring from start to finish.

I have used this to make place mats for the Christmas table but it would also work for cards, thank you notes, wrapping paper etc.

I would love to see how you get on.

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