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Designer Spotlight - Hannah Nunn

Hannah Nunn interview

Hannah Nunn is a lighting designer/maker based in Yorkshire - she creates glowing indoor lights from cut paper, inspired by plants. She is also one of the loveliest and most enthusiastic people I know.

I first met Hannah a long time ago when exhibiting at the British Craft Trade Fair in Harrogate. The BCTF is an amazing show - full of designer makers who sell to galleries and shops - with so much talent crammed into the hall.

It is fascinating seeing the work of other designers who see the world in a similar way..

Hannah and I immediately recognised that we obsess over the same plants - cow parsley, teasels, alliums - the structure, the curve, the line - and that our approach to design is very similar.

We are both interested in the way plant forms relate to each other and the line between naturalism and stylisation.

We love the detail, the found object, the intricate flower form.

Hebden Bridge, where she lives, is near to where our cream fulled wool is woven so, over the years, I've also been able to pop into her beautiful shop there and marvel at the simplicity of her style, the clean lines and the way she composes her designs.

Hannah Nunn interview

A few years ago I was given one of her table lamps as a birthday gift and it delights me every day - plain and unassuming during the day, a glowing column of hare bells at night.

Recently I have loved seeing how she has developed her range to include fabric and wallpaper without diluting her trademark style.

Now I have my eye on her Charlotte's Garden wallpaper in inkwell. Ferns and alliums and snakehead fritillaries, inspired by the Brontë Garden at Haworth.

Hannah Nunn interview

I asked Hannah how she feels that nature influences her design work

"Plants are everything to my work.

Holding up a beautiful meadow grass against the sky or looking closely at the structure of a dandelion clock is what gives me that excited feeling and makes me want to DRAW!

I have an urge to try and represent the beauty that I see. I usually start by drawing, from life or from the photos that I take while I'm out walking and I make simple silhouette motifs that I scan into the computer and then manipulate until the shapes are ready to appear on a lamp or on a wallpaper.

Right now I'm working on the colours for my next wallpaper designs. It's called Tiny Treasures and it's a huge collection of things that you might put in your pocket while you're out walking.

Seeds, pods, feathers...it's like a nature table.In fact it has 47 species on it altogether.

I'm designing an identification book to go with it that tells all the stories of the seeds and pods and where I found them. It's going to be a treasure in itself."

You can find Hannah talking more about her designs on her very beautiful blog and her Instagram.

I'm delighted that she is one of the designers who have agreed to give Snapdragon Studio members an exclusive discount - which will be included in Wednesday's Members Newsletter.

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It’s the private view of the exhibition From the Land @fodderandfarm tonight and the exhibition runs until 17th (open 12-5 each day). 
It’s part of @forthvalleyartbeat trail of Open Studios. 

I have some work in the exhibition- showing alongside @allthatisbraw, @kevinharri and @katgoldin and the whole show has been curated by Kevin. 

In today’s film I’m talking about the build up to the week and all the doubts that came up in my mind. 

Was the work I was showing good enough? Was I good enough? Am I even an artist. 

The link is in my profile - 
I’d love to know if it resonates with anyone. 

#scottishartist #selftaughtartist #forthvalleyartbeat
I don't think that I have ever seen the hawthorn looking as amazing as it does this year - great white billowing mounds, right along the valley. 
I have had some leaves and twigs, pruned from a hedge, in the dye pot this week - such gorgeous colours.
I will put up a reel later showing the five colours of wool that came out of the pot.
This should be titled
I've been making some very short films - a way of getting my 10,000 hours in, of getting used to filming through the day.
I put these buttercups in a jar for one of them - for these are my favourite flowers of late Spring/early Summer.  I'm arranging some flowers for an event next week and am crossing my fingers that the buttercups are still in bloom.
The hedges - planted twenty years ago to shelter us from the winds that funnel up through the valley and down across the fields - are in many ways the best thing in the garden.
Thick and home to countless birds, at this time of year they vibrate with song and rustling, edges fringed in bright, light spring green.
This week I have been resting a lot to try and get rid of the shingles that developed as I headed north for my birthday weekend. 
So this week’s Friday film I’m talking about the frustration of not being to do as much of things as I would like to - especially at a time of year when there is SO MUCH TO DO! 
You get to see all the sad seedlings waiting to go into the garden and an insight into what I do when my energy and to do list don’t match up.

#chronicfatigue #addisonsdisease #scottishartist #chronicillness
This month’s workshop in The Studio Club is about printing with plants - it’s a chance to learn an ancient technique, slightly adapted so we don’t set fire to ourselves. 

There is still time to join us - the link is in my profile - and all May Studio Clubbers get the course to keep. 

I’ve added in a reel showing making this in slightly speeded up time! 

#printingwithplants #thestudioclub  #snapdragonlife #createsomethingeveryday
Sweet rocket at dusk, surrounded by moths and perfuming the paths.  A plant I wouldn't be without. 
Here is my annual reminder that it is time to sow biennials. It is so easy to forget in the bustle and busyness of - all those plants that fill out the late May and June garden need to be sown now to flower next year.
For some - especially if you run a relaxed garden - this is a case of making sure that they self sow, or sprinkling some seed in a suitable place.  Others need a little more cosseting.
If you are a Studio Clubber there is a download of my favourite plants and top tips for growing them in the Studio Club Library.

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