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What is The Studio Club?

The Studio Club is a place for people who want to rekindle their creativity, reconnect to the natural world and create slower, simpler more joyful lives.

Each season there is an overarching theme, it might be a creative technique, something to grow or a new way of observing nature.

Each week there is an exclusive Studio Club activity - some weeks this is a live make along, sometimes it is a simpler tutorial, sometimes it is a recorded mini course. I am joined by experts from the worlds of gardening, textile art, photography and flowers to bring a bit of the natural world into daily life.

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"The Studio Club has really helped me to carve out time to enjoy nature and to notice my
environment. Your courses are great too. I always thought I was pretty rubbish at drawing but your techniques have produced some
really good results."   K.D.

You don't need to live in the countryside, or have a garden of your own, to make use of the Studio Club.

The majority of the activities are designed so that all you need is some access to green space, such as a park, and a kitchen table.

Supplies are deliberately kept simple and there is a Club Shop with discounted prices and a Community Sharing Hub within in the forum that help keep any costs to a minimum.

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"I love your content, so inspiring and very gentle, the flow of life
with the flow of the seasons. The Studio Club adds a little bit
of richness to my days. Thank you for your generosity in
sharing."   J.N.

Members use The Studio Club in different ways

For some it is simply a twice weekly reminder to slow down and take time for themselves. A pause and recalibration that keeps them true to themselves.

Others find in the community a group that supports and inspires them. The private forum is housed within the website, a place far removed from the hustle of social media, a place of wisdom, generosity and hopefulness where they are not seen as odd for the choices the make and the priorities they hold.

Other members work their way through the courses, honing new skills, developing their creativity and learning about the natural world.

Most people dip in and out of these strands depending on their time, energy and commitments.

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"I love being a Studio Clubber, your emails are always thought provoking & encouraging & you give excellent advice.  You've truly helped me through a very challenging time.  Thank you for all you do & the inspiration you so generously give."

What is included in Studio Club membership


  • Monthly online workshops to get you using your hands to create something, with free guest passes to bring a friend along to live workshops.


  • Private blogs with behind the scenes access to what is being created in the studio and the making of the dye garden.


  • Weekly emails guiding you through the seasons.


  • Thriving and supportive private online community of people who are also journeying to a slower, more sustainable life.


  • A library of tutorials and courses taught by Jane and other specially selected guest teachers.


  • 20% off all workshops, kits and supplies.


  • Monthly online get togethers



How much does it cost?

Membership is £9.95 a month;

There is also a Supported membership if the cost is the only thing stopping you becoming a member.

Frequently Asked Questions