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MAKING FLORAL BALMS & SALVES: taught by Jane Lindsey

When she was 17 my youngest daughter headed out to teach in Myanmar for a year. I was torn between cheering her on in her adventures, and worry about her being too far away for me to help if anything went wrong.

I made her a jar of balm from the calendula marigolds in the garden - gentle, soothing, definitely effective medicine, but also something from home, something made with love, to carry with her.

The balm worked - in both ways - and she was the only one in her group whose mosquito bites didn't become infected. She still gets jars of calendula balm from home, and one of the ones I am making in this batch is for her. Just in case she ever gets bitten or homesick now she lives in London.

Making simple balms - steeping plants in oil and then mixing with beeswax (or a vegan alternative) - is a very, very easy thing to do. It is a gentle and thoughtful process, turning the jars, checking on them, and then pouring the balm into little tins.

It is also something that I have done with classes of eight years olds - when it was perhaps less mediative!

This course includes full instructions about how to make a Calendula and rose balm, there are written instructions, downloads and two videos.

There is also bonus access to a live Q&A with family herbalist Becky O'Cole 

(this course was originally offered as the Spring 2023 course in The Studio Club). 

It is now £18 for members and £25 for non members.


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