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April Experiment - Quiet

airstream caravan quiet experiment

What would you change if you knew it was just an experiment? If it was for a limited time? If it was a way of finding out something about yourself?

That was what I found myself thinking all last month. Life these days seems so binary, so 'this or that", so "with us or against us" and I really rail against that. I had been listening to Brooke Mcalary on her podcast Slow your Home and I was impressed at how she treats her life as a series of experiments. It was playful, it was risk free, it had the potential to change everything up.

What would I change if I knew it was just an experiment?

I have a lot of noise inside my head - at any one time there are a few people having conversations in there, a couple of soundtracks and whatever internal monologue I'm producing myself. Sometimes there is a nasty whining feedback too.

I never know whether this is normal - some people seem to think it is, others look as though I am saying that I am hearing voices (which I am not). I suspect I'm at a noisy end of normality. It often quietens radically after a 'doing nothing' kind of holiday but quickly goes back to normality.

I spend a lot of time trying to drown out the noise with music and podcasts, and I spend a lot of time trying to eradicate it with meditation.

airstream caravan quiet experiment

What I want to experiment with in April is just being quiet and letting it be and seeing what happens. So that means no filling space with music or recordings, no radio when driving, no podcasts while gardening, no music while cooking. Just quiet.

And I'm rather excited to see what happens. I will still be able to listen to things if it is a choice and I am concentrating specifically on them, but I shall be avoiding deliberate background noise for a month.

I am going to embrace the quiet.

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